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Hydrotherapy Spa Baths

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It is a known fact that therapeutic bubbles, soft currents and soothing heat can make the stress go away. Our hydrotherapy spa baths are available in many shapes and sizes. Adding to the heavenly spa experience, we provide you contemporary designs, colours, and personalised options that you can’t find anywhere else. Choose from a broad range of options, and you are sure to feel invigorated and inspired.

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What we offer

Our Hydrotherapy spas in offer you a wide range of functionalities, designed to make your life more comfortable and beautiful. Our hydrotherapy tubs are specially created for spa purposes. Some offer a comprehensive array of hydrotherapy functions such as underwater massage. On the other hand, others are intended for complete muscle relaxation and stress reduction.

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 Choosing the right hydrotherapy bath can be difficult, especially if you haven’t owned one previously. We have experience in designing and manufacturing luxury jetted tubs. We offer you what’s important for your health, which is a high-quality hydrotherapy system, at an excellent price. You will enjoy relaxation and a stress-free life for years to come.

The Jetted Bathtub system

Given the fact that a jetted bathtub will work effectively only if it is designed to suit your personal needs and physical characteristics, you should discuss the number and the placement of the jets with us. This will make sure the jets are accurately directed to your targeted muscle groups. Upper and lower back muscles, leg muscles, and the sole of the feet should respond well to the massage. These contain important trigger points in acupuncture and reflexology.

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Efficient hydro systems should have a suitable number of well-positioned water jets that target the previously mentioned areas. The Jets should never be directed at the bone, as there may be a risk of bruising.
Hydrotherapy involves treating the body using the nourinshing properties of water. Moving water o massage your body is a great way to relieve stress both phisically and mentally.

Masterjet is the first company to introduce the idea of converting steel baths into customised hydrotherapy spa systems. We are proud to have served many satisfied customers for the past 25 years.

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