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Jetted Bathtub

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A jetted bathtub can offer you a lot of benefits that include both health and stress-free elements. From quiet repose to stimulating invigoration, your experience in our bathtub will become what you want it to be. Just imagine – quiet motors, dancing air bubbles, colourful lighting, and powerful jets, these are all things that could be incorporated into your bathtub. You create the bath experience that you want as a reflection of yourself and an extension of how you would like to feel.

What we can do

We offer you the ultimate combination that no other jet tubs have, the power of jets combined with soothing air bubbles. We give you the ultimate experience of a bath, with no limits. In case you’ve just had a hard day at work or wish to relax, choose the invigoration of a massage in a jetted tub you can choose the gentle caress of a thousand bubbles, our jetted bathtubs offer you everything you require to feel rejuvenated and revived.

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The ultimate jets in hydrotherapy

Powered by perfect jetting systems, our bathtubs will give you a therapeutic, invigorating massage. The benefits of hydrotherapy are proven. If your life is tough and you play hard, the best thing you can do for your body is a hydrotherapy bath. Our jetting system is especially designed so that your body gets a deep, curable massage. The intensity and positioning of the jets are perfect for your body to enjoy a massage that is worth millions. You will not only pamper your body, but will also give your bathroom a luxurious look that can’t be found anywhere else.

Jetted Spa Sydney

Air Spa System (12 or 18 jet Air Spa System)

The air spa system generates thousands of soft gentle air bubbles which gently massage your entire body, 12, 18 or discreet nozzles installed into the base of your bath deliver streams of pre-warmed air bubbles through the bath water to provide a full massage experience. Read more

The warm air flow is produced by a powerful but compact compressor which can be installed under the bath thanks to the installation of a safety air loop into the rim of the bath. This together with non-return valves in each nozzle ensures a completely safe, warm and hygienic massage.
Jetted Spa Sydney

Boost System

Masterjets provide an extra powerful flow to give the most effective hydrotherapy. Circulation will immediately be increased and muscle tissue will be stretched, improving muscle tone and mobility. If you ever feel that your muscles are tense, cramped and overworked, whether from sports or stress, strong flow has the power to help balance your body and mind.

Jetted Bathtubs Sydney

Bath mood Light

Bath mood Light connects to the spa-key pump and operates from the spa-key handset. The unique design focuses the light down into the bath for a soft mood light.

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